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Florence, Shiraz to Launch Joint Cultural Projects

Florence, Shiraz to Launch Joint Cultural Projects
Dario Nardella, Florence Mayor, meeting his counterpart from Shiraz, Mayor Eskandarpour, online expressed his pleasure for taking practical action towards enhancing the cooperation between the two cities and declared Florence readiness to launch cultural joint projects with the City of Shiraz. He said “in accordance with the agreement reached by both parties, in addition to holding a children’s painting contest within in the next two months, we will plan both cities’ cultural weeks, art and cultural exhibitions and events in 2022.”

Nardella added “such programs will be a good ground for demonstrating the excellence of handicrafts and art works of the historical and cultural cities of Shiraz and Florence.”

Referring to the determination of both cities to execute a MOU,he continued “we will proceed with a MOU, now that our central government is out of state of emergency and the things has started to flow again.”

Nardella also said “the Florence heritage not only consists of monuments and art works of UNESCO area, but also the identity of city, the quality of life, and future of its citizens.”

Heidar Eskandarpour, Shiraz mayor, said “almost a year has been passed since Shiraz-Florence relationship has been forged. I hope after the pandemic, we can develop joint projects and practical actions within the domain of the urban management to cement the friendship between the people of both cities.”

Having emphasized that the online meeting was scheduled to exchange both cities’ experiences in dealing with the urban historical fabrics, Eskandarpour said “being provided with the experiences of Florence in dealing with the urban historical fabrics and cultural heritages is a concrete and valuable step towards the initiation of practical exchanges between the two cities.”

Knowing the familiar with the challenges faced by Florence and solutions adopted by the city to the challenges, he continued “we are facing similar challenges in the urban historical fabrics. I am glad that the issues presented in this meeting will serve us to handle the challenges in this valuable area.”

Also, the Municipal deputy mayor for architecture and urban development and mayor of cultural and historical zone of Shiraz have attended this meeting.

Tommaso Sacchi, Florence deputy mayor, presented the detailed initiatives taken by the city of Florence.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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