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Mayor Congrats Sadiq Khan on Re-election

Mayor Congrats Sadiq Khan on Re-election
Heidar Eskandarpour, Shiraz Mayor, congratulated his counterpart, Sadiq Khan, on being re-elected as London mayor and on the occasion of Eid Al-fitr. His message reads:
“I would like to warmly congratulate you on being re-elected as mayor of London and sincerely wish you a successful and fruitful term of office.
Also, let me take up this opportunity to offer you and the great, vibrant and diverse Muslim community of London, my best wishes on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. 
The Covid pandemic provided further proof that in our increasingly globalized world, our fate and future are inextricably intertwined to those of others regardless of geographical and political boundaries.
I hope that as urban leaders we can contribute to the fight to eradicate extremism, ethnic, racial, political and religious prejudices and last but not the least, the double standard ways of thinking which regard self- defense as terrorism.
At the end of the month of compassion, and on the threshold of the Eid-Al Fitr, the Eid of divine mercy, let us pray together that this dream is made a reality. Let us pray together for a world free of war and hostility; a world of tolerance and respect.
I wish health, success and prosperity for you and all the esteemed citizens of London.

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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