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Mayor: Culture-Led Regeneration Approach Proved Successful

 Mayor: Culture-Led Regeneration Approach Proved Successful

Mayor Eskandarpor said: “investments and activities carried out in the historical district of Shiraz during the last two years have proved successful”. Speaking at the ‘first international webinar on the urban regeneration visions and challenges’ jointly organized by the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis) and Tehran Municipality on April 7, 2021, Shiraz Mayor Heidar Eskandarpour elaborated on the approach taken by Shiraz Municipality at the historical district. Of Shiraz.    
At the opening section of the webinar, Pirooz Hanachi, Tehran Mayor, Octavi de La Varga, Metropolis Secretary General, and Heidar Eskandarpour, Shiraz Mayor, gave their speeches. In the Second part, the urban managers and university lecturers from Cairo, Delhi and Istanbul discussed the theoretical urban-regeneration-related issues, shared their experiences, achievements and confronted challenges.
“Urban sustainable regeneration in the historical cities” was the topic which Eskandarpour presented in the webinar. He said “experiences obtained since the beginning of this century are demonstrating different approaches towards the urban historical fabrics, such as destruction, reconstruction, restoration, improvement, urban renovation and urban regeneration.

He said that it was a pity that the city of Shiraz was not an exception. He, then, added “for the recent decades, different approaches have been adopted and implemented by the urban management team of Shiraz. Now, we are the heir to the measures which have been taken for the purpose of the development before.”
Shiraz Mayor emphasized “neither would the mere preservation rebuild life in the old areas of historical cities nor would development per se increase the value-added of the properties. Thus, we have to adopt a balanced approach of physical preservation and operational development in order to flourish the urban economy.”
Referring to the adoption of the culture-led urban regeneration and social sustainability as the major dominant approach towards the urban historical fabrics on the part of Shiraz’s urban administration, Eskandarpour added “in this line, the neighborhoods are categorized in accordance with their residential and touristic potentials.  Our major goal is to improve the locals’ livelihood and to boost their earnings through tourism, and to provide the urban services in order to improve the life quality.”
As a member of Metropolis board of directors, Shiraz Mayor referred to the successful achievements of Shiraz in dealing with its historical fabrics and said “the activities done and investments made by Shiraz Municipality for the past two years in the historical fabrics of the city have been successful. The investment made brings value added to the properties and as the results has boosted the willingness of the investors to invest into these fabrics.” Eskandarpour also added “such activities have been done to bring the life into the urban historical fabrics and ensure it. Now, such activities have boosted the original local residents’ willingness to return to their neighborhoods.”

Reference : Shiraz Municipality
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