City Council

The Members of the 5th City Council

Islamic City and Village Councils (full title is: Provincial, City, District and Village Councils) are local councils which are elected by direct public vote in all cities and villages throughout Iran. Councilors will be in service for a 4-year term.
According to article 7 of the Iranian Constitution, these local councils together with the Parliament are "decision-making and administrative organs of the State". The councils are in charge of appointing mayors, supervising the activities of municipalities; considering social, cultural, educational, health, economic, and welfare requirements of their constituencies; planning and coordinating the national participation in the implementation of social, economic, constructive, cultural, and educational and other welfare affairs.
The first three Islamic city councils of Shiraz consisted of 11 elected councilors, while; the 4th, 21 members who appointed Dr. Alireza Pakfetrat as the Mayor of Shiraz in 2010.
In mid-2017, the 5th city council election was held and 13 members were elected by public vote. The members elect appointed Mr. Heidar Eskandarpour as the new mayor of Shiraz for a four-year term

Seyed AhmadReza  Dastgheib

Chairman of the Council


Ali   Naseri


Nozar  Emami


Leila  Doodman

   Seyed Abdolrazagh



Navab  GHaedi  

Sirous  Pakfetrat


Ahmad  Tanouri

  Ebrahim  Saboori
Mehdi  Hajati   Sina Bani Zamani  

Solmaz Dehghani


Ghasem Moghimi

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